The bonus plan, among other matters surrounding the attempted sale of the city-owned utility, is now being investigated by federal prosecutors and the FBI. Metadata from the spreadsheet indicates it was last modified on July 10, The spreadsheet appears to show top executives could receive more than 1, units each and each nonexecutive employee could receive between 8 and 80 units depending on his or her job classification — meaning the more units, the bigger the payout. The date of that meeting was eight days after metadata shows the spreadsheet was last edited. Burch was the lead negotiator late last year in closed-door meetings between JEA leaders and companies that wanted to buy the utility. On Wednesday, Jacksonville City Councilman Rory Diamond, a former federal prosecutor who is the chair of the special committee investigating the failed attempt to sell JEA, sent a letter to Cury, asking him to direct Burch to give a sworn statement about her role in the talks. According to the letter, Burch previously declined to give a statement under oath.

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Version 5. Angular 5 is here. Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate at Google explained in a blog post announcing Angular 5 that as of version 5. The aim of these jobs is to decrease the size of your JavaScript bundles, and increase the boot speed of your application for your users. Angular Universal focuses on helping developers to perform server-side rendering SSR of Angular applications.

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It has also handled Rain , g. In , the company signed its first artist and female solo artist, Pearl. He became the first Korean Global solo artist that expanded outside of South Korea and became successful. Tune Entertainment. On December 27, , the company’s first boy group was a four-member vocal oriented group Noel , but they failed to attract popularity.

JYP turned its focus to the duo brothers “One Two” in and in , after the boy band g. In , the competitive reality series Hot Blood Men was created, pitting two teams of male trainees against each other for the chance to debut. However, after a year of operation, the company reportedly saw a net loss of around US 1.

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The entire purpose of this tier list is to keep you up to date on which champions are thriving in the LoL meta. To learn more about which runes.

Neural mechanisms of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related breathing disorder, are incompletely understood. CNO administration had no effect on neck muscle activity, respiratory parameters or state durations. OSA is characterized by recurrent episodes of partial or complete upper airway obstruction during sleep due to, at least in part, a depressant effect of sleep on upper airway muscle tone Jordan et al.

Individuals with chronic OSA are at increased risk for neurocognitive, cardiovascular, and metabolic disorders Kheirandish et al. Despite substantial advances in both clinical and basic research, our understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying OSA pathogenesis and the circuitry involved in atonia of upper airway muscles remains incomplete. Among upper airway muscles that are innervated by hypoglossal motoneurons XIImns Dobbins and Feldman, ; Altshuler et al.

From these studies, two divergent mechanistic hypotheses have emerged: postsynaptic inhibition vs. Glycinergic postsynaptic inhibition has been found to be responsible for the atonia of postural muscles during REM sleep and was suggested to play a role in REM-related depression of XIImn Chase et al. In addition, recent work has suggested that acetylcholine-mediated postsynaptic inhibition may contribute to sleep-related depression of XIImns in behaving rats Grace et al.

A preliminary report has been published Rukhadze et al. Three mice were used in acute anesthetized experiments to optimize GG electrode implantation and two mice were used for anatomical analysis of Cre-dependent gene expression in CA neurons. Our initial goal was to identify a transgenic line of mice with little to no ectopic expression of the Cre-dependent gene beyond CA neurons.

Records show JEA bonus plan would have benefited top execs the most

Born August 4, in Jennings, Florida with her family history dating back to the ‘s in Hamilton County, Florida. She graduated from Landon High School at the age My name is Joyce Oates. Semanik was my school teacher in the 4th. I was a straight A student and Mrs.

Congratulations are in order for Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” Call me crazy, but I still think Jax is the last person on earth I’d take dating advice from.

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A little more digging also reveals that Nema has a dog named Jax and spends a ton of time on film shoots. He has two sisters: Mona, who is also.

By Daily Mail Reporter. According to her bio on the Bravo website, Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi wants nothing more than to find a man and settle down. But the opinionated reality star, 32, is ‘is having a hard time finding a man that can support the lavish lifestyle and handle her unapologetic personality,’ says the site.

Now the exotic beauty may have found her match in Dennis Desantis, her boyfriend of a few months. The pair are on a romantic holiday in Cabo San Lucas. The loved up pair seems to have survived a brief hiccup in their relationship, amid reports of him cheating early this year. Shahs Golnesa JaxNesa,’ she wrote then. Cuddle time: GG and Dennis spent plenty of time lounging on the beach during their vacation.

12 Awkward Things About Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright’s Relationship

Thank God for Vanderpump Rules. In a time where our world feels nuts and terrible and sad, viewers and fans like me can at least get a break from our troubles and watch a waitress and a kind-of-model negotiate a really embarrassing pre-nup. I hope the Peabodys recognize this show.

Jax Taylor and Golnesa Gg Gharachedaghi photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset returns on Thursday for a seventh season and while Destiney Rose got promoted from “friend” to “main” cast member, Nema Vand is the show’s sole newcomer this season. So fans are probably wondering: who is Nema Vand on Shahs of Sunset? TBD if he actually skied wearing it. A little more digging also reveals that Nema has a dog named Jax and spends a ton of time on film shoots.

He has two sisters: Mona, who is also a cast member on the show, and Sarahbeth, who doesn’t appear to be involved. His Bravo bio teases that Nema joins the show to “reconnect” with his sister Mona after years of being apart. He’s also a self-described “white-washed Persian” who appears to come from a blended family so it seems like part of the focus on his story this season will be about tackling some identity issues. According to a clip released by Bravo, Mike introduces Mona and Nema to the group in Big Bear, and cast crushes take root almost immediately.

She ended her marriage to Shalom Yeroushalmi last year after just two months and pledged to stay single this season, but it may not work out that way. I did something to make someone else happy and I completely regretted it afterwards.

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Riot Games has been pushing out a lot of new skins during the summer and they are not done yet. The skin line was introduced along the Spirit Blossom event pass and Nexus Blitz. Here are the champions that are included in the new PsyOps skin line. All skins have new effects and sounds, and their abilities have been customized to reflect the new designs.

The Sona skin will be a bit different from the others since she will transform when she hits level 6, just like the Pulsefire Ezreal skin is known to do. Ezreal fans will also be treated with a PsyOps prestige edition skin in addition to the standard version.

pancreas** Targeted allele Pkhd1tm1Ggg G.G. Germino Exon 3–4 deletion PL (29% accessed September ​? Disease At least eight mouse Pkhd1 models have been described to date.

Stephen C. Grubb, Terry P. Maddatu, Carol J. Bult, Molly A. MPD is also a facility for query, analysis and in silico hypothesis testing. Currently MPD contains about phenotypic measurements contributed by research teams worldwide, including phenotypes relevant to human health such as cancer susceptibility, aging, obesity, susceptibility to infectious diseases, atherosclerosis, blood disorders and neurosensory disorders.

Electronic access to centralized strain data enables investigators to select optimal strains for many systems-based research applications, including physiological studies, drug and toxicology testing, modeling disease processes and complex trait analysis. The ability to select strains for specific research applications by accessing existing phenotype data can bypass the need to re characterize strains, precluding major investments of time and resources. This functionality, in turn, accelerates research and leverages existing community resources.

The laboratory mouse is an invaluable model organism for investigating the genetic basis of human disease. Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of comparative mouse—human genomics to identify novel mechanisms of human disease progression, underscoring the need to make mouse strain data widely available for community access.

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