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In the case of the Marx Action Figures, the Torso mold cavity needed a large ejector pin. On most of these molds the head of the pin was inscribed with a roman numeral year date and the name of the Marx company around the date. The ejector pin would be placed in the mold before casting and therefore whatever was on the face of that ejector pin head would be cast into the part itself. The above information is based on my study of molds in general. I have not had the opportunity to see an actual Marx mold in operation so I may be ‘mistaken’ on a few details. The thing to remember is that this ‘Stamp Date’ is not the year the part was cast. Not every country, figure or combination used the dated ejector pin all the time. I will attempt to show you the ejector pin marking and tell you what figure it was used on. Remember, every mold would have had it’s own ejector pin design.

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Marx Toy Museum, Inc is now a non-profit c 3 corporation. Learn more Admission, Holiday Hours, Directions, etc Please email the museum with any questions you might have regarding admission, holiday hours, directions, or other aspects of museum operation. For regular hours and admission click here. Realize that the price of toys depends on many factors It is very difficult to price an item without actually seeing it in person and even more difficult without even a photo.

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And he was the best thing because he would teach while he was trying to sell you something. And he came across these and he called me up and said, “I think I’ve got something you might like. And what did you pay for them? Oh, okay. Well, these are made by Louis Marx, and of course they were one of the great tin toy makers of the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s and into the ’50s.

And they were famous for their beautifully lithographed tin.

Louis Marx and Company

In , in fact, Time magazine named Marx the toy king. Having worked for the Ferdinand Strauss toy company as a young man, Louis Marx gained enough experience to start his own toy company in The secret to the Marx’s success was in offering a variety of toys similar in make-up to successful toys produced by other companies.

Louis Marx and Co. Ltd. Role: manufacturer. Date: s. Acquisition. Purchase, 30/8/

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. Tin plate car , Gangbusters clockwork coupe, Marx circa s. Tin plate car, Marx s , Police Department clockwork coupe Show 2 more like this.

Tin plate car , Marx circa s reversible clockwork tin coupe Show 2 more like this. With wind up mechanism, Mickey mouse playing the xylophone. Marked ‘Wdp’ for Walt Disney Productions. With original card box. All faults. Height 28 cm. Marx Roadside rest service station, circa s, battery powered and complete with working car lift, blue car, all pumps with hoses attached, and rare water backet, which is so often absent. Width Show 1 more like this. Marx Midget Racer No.

Vintage Marx Toys

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From the late s to , Marx Toys produced a series of large elaborate playsets Many figures, old and reissues, are marked with dates from the s in.

Bring it to Dr. Louis Marx was a master of the toy world. The Marx Merry Makers mouse band was arguably the most popular lithographed tin wind-up toy ever made by the Louis Marx Company. Originally marketed in , the Marx Merry Makers band sold for 91 cents. The original box shows printed directions for assembly of the metal band and its characters. The Marx Merry Makers band was group of four mice playing as a band.

The band consisted of four lithographed tin mice members. The mice musicians are dressed in period tuxedos with a white shirt, black tie, red vest, etc. The Art Deco style lithography is carried over in the piano, instruments, marquee, and chairs.

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Louis Marx and Company was an American toy manufacturer in business from to Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, “One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them? As the X sometimes goes unseen, Marx toys were, and are still today, often misidentified as “Mar” toys.

Marxtin is dedicated to the hobby of collecting and operating Marx tin lithographed trains. I believe that Marx lithographed toys and trains represent a high point.

Restock date not set. This set includes 6 waxy blue figures in 5 poses with scaling ladders! Shop with confidence. Shipped to you mint in package! Marx-CTS commemorative reissue Western playset long horn steers cast in brown and black. These rare and hard to find steers are now available in very limited quantities. A great addition to any Marx collection, Western playset or diorama.

This “must have” set makes a wonderful addition to any Marx collection or Alamo diorama. These beautifully reproduced figures are cast in silver semi-hard plastic. Quantities are limited. All items are shipped to you mint in package! A classic Marx commemorative reissue set of 54mm Pioneers with hard-to-find 45mm Davy Crockett Character figure.

Dating marx trains

I didn’t get additional Marx items as a child. It was only when I reached adulthood that the collection started to grow. Because I had them as a child, big locomotives and the 8-wheel plastic rolling stock with type “G” trucks look “right” to me and my initial efforts concentrated on collecting more of these items. Recently, I have fallen hard for the 6″ tin lithographed four-wheel rolling stock and the small sheet metal locomotives.

Jeffrey Hammond’sLittle Big World: Collecting Louis Marx and the American Fiftiesis the story of Copyright Date: a marketing slogan phrased in language that was archaic even then: “One of the many Marx toys: have you all of them?

From the late s to , Marx Toys produced a series of large elaborate playsets. Each set was designed with a particular historical theme or tied into a popular movie or television series. Over several hundred different sets and variations were made. These sets contained highly detailed plastic figures in historically accurate poses and uniforms plus large numbers of accessories and usually one or more metal buildings.

The original Marx company was sold to Quaker Oats in which in turn sold it to a European company, Dunbee-Comex, which went bankrupt in At that time, many molds were bought by American Plastics which has since then sold or leased the original molds to a number of U. In addition to the problem of reissued figures from original molds, there are also plastic figures made in entirely new molds that appear very similar to Marx figures. First, we’ll look at the Marx reissues then discuss look-alike pieces.

The good news about reissues is that most are a different type of plastic and in different colors than originals. For example, the reissue Davy Crockett statue in Fig. Unfortunately there is no book or list of originals from which to make comparisons.

Big Shot Cannon by Marx: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas