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Want to understand people, and how they behave and think? The Psychology major in the Bachelor of Science prepares you for a career as a research scientist. Study psychology to gain a better understanding of how people behave and think. You can study psychology as a single major or as a double major with any other science subject. Modern psychology is theoretical and experimental in nature, and current knowledge is based on observable and repeatable behavioural data. This can include counts of behaviours in animals and humans, and verbal accounts about emotions.

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To view the Summer Academic Calendar go to www. Faculty requirements will be governed by the faculty from which the student chooses to complete a degree. Joint Major applicants should apply to Beedie through the internal transfer process, which is outlined here , in the term in which their 45th unit will be completed, including the eight lower division courses required for admission. Students will need to complete BUS min C- in their first term in Beedie in order to obtain a waiver for PSYC , which is required for admission to the Psychology portion of the joint major.

Students not accepted upon initial application may reapply.

Students here reap the benefits of an interactive learning environment, Students completing an undergraduate degree in psychology will graduate with a​.

Attendance on campus is strictly limited to permitted workers and exempt students; face masks must be worn at all times. If unwell, get tested and do not come to campus. This course offers graduates a major in psychology accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council APAC , permitting them to undertake the further training needed to obtain professional qualifications.

This course is offered in a purely online mode, however, will include at least 1 hour of participation in live learning activities per week. Applicants should have completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline. The course structure consists of an APAC-accredited sequence in psychology of nine core units and one elective. Studies include developmental and biological psychology, research design and analysis, cognitive and social psychology, abnormal psychology, perception and personality, psychological testing, theories of ability and ethics, research methods and theory.

Electives offered may include units covering counselling; health psychology; addiction studies; human neuropsychology and cognition; psychology and the law; and music psychology. Graduates must complete further study and training for a career in psychology. Psychologists work in many fields including private practice; in clinical, counselling, organisational and health psychology; and in research and teaching.

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course. Applicants must also meet the English language requirements.

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Psychology careers span many fields, including criminal justice, education, business, and mental health, to name a few. There are many good reasons to pursue this career, as the degree requires a fundamental but flexible skill set that can be applied in various fields and industries. A graduate with a degree in psychology may successfully find employment in the field of psychology or in a wide range of careers that are related to psychology.

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They Genuinely Care About People.

Units in second semester may be delivered online and in alternative formats whilst restrictions in relation to the COVID pandemic are in place. Duration of the course with a full-time study load. Studying part-time will extend the duration of your course. A full-time study load usually consists of credits approximately eight units per year, with credits approximately four units in each semester.

Access to leadership programs, specialist facilities and industry placements give you a competitive edge in the job market. Connect with courses and the exciting careers they lead to, attend inspiring sessions about your favourite study areas, hear from special guest speakers and chat with experts. Learn about perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behaviour and interpersonal relationships, and how psychologists examine, explain and predict what people do as individuals and in groups.

Your first year is interprofessional and taken with other health sciences students. In your second year you will gain greater knowledge in learning, motivation, perception, child development and social psychology. You will prepare a research proposal in your third year and develop advanced knowledge in abnormal psychology, adult development, community psychology, cognition, cross-cultural psychology, Indigenous psychology and individual differences. Your fourth year includes a year-long research project and you will develop skills in areas such as program evaluation, psychological assessment, and counselling.

Note on fourth year: Due to stringent accreditation requirements, you must attain a minimum credit average in your second and third year core psychology units to continue into the fourth year of the course.

Psychology Transfer Track AA

August 11, Staff Writers. For years, psychology has been one of the most popular choices for undergraduate majors. On the one hand, the chance to study the human brain and what motivates behavior is tempting to the majority of somethings. Fortunately, this list considers both factors.

Psychologists are interested in how and why people behave the way they do – study how we The Psychological Science major will provide you with a scientific.

Please note that instructors and staff are available online. Langara College has a comprehensive selection of psychology offerings. Our courses range from surveys of fundamental concepts to in-depth investigations of human behavior. Topics include: how psychologists conduct their research; the role of the brain; memory and thinking processes; lifespan development; social, family, and cultural influences, and; psychological disorders, psychotherapies, and related health issues.

For a comprehensive list of our course offerings click here. Traditional courses are those that have 3 to 4 hours of scheduled face-to-face class meeting time per week. This is the format most students are familiar with. Students are expected to attend all classes.

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Typically, a BA in Psychology will take 4 years to earn; however, if the college permits, it may be completed in less or more time. The general range of completion of degree requirements is years. Students who major in psychology are desirous of a greater understanding of the human mind, emotions and behaviors. To earn a BA in Psychology, you will need to satisfy both the general education requirements of your college as well as the ones set forth by the college’s Psychology Department. General education requirements GERs are classes which expose the student to a wide variety of academic disciplines.

Nov 13, – They’re crazy. Seriously. I’ve had many people (mostly my students) ask me whether it’s true that going into psychology will eventually make​.

By clicking on Sign up you agree to the Terms of Use. From Saturday 12 to Wednesday 16 September, you can join our all-digital International Open Week from anywhere in the world. Current students will take you on a campus tour and our Future Students team will be ready to answer all your questions. This major opens up a world of future study pathways and career options. Psychology is relevant to almost any human endeavour, which means a psychology degree, or some complementary psychology studies, are relevant not only for traditional psychology careers, but for a wide range of careers.

For example, there are psychologists designing cockpits for NASA, computer software interfaces, personnel selection systems, or age-appropriate toys; psychologists develop market research strategies, or train people in a variety of settings.

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Admission to our undergraduate degree programs usually requires successful completion of a senior secondary school qualification similar to the Higher School Certificate HSC , the highest educational award in New South Wales schools. Find out more about entrance marks. Find information about indicative course and program fees.

An accredited degree has other benefits. Students can be assured that APAC accreditation of the degree ensures that high standards of education and training​.

Psychology is a hub discipline, in that our research and theories influence multiple fields. This work has become increasingly central to public policy and to industry. Students who work with or develop innovations for people benefit from a foundation in the science of human behavior. We recently implemented skill-based certificates within our existing major program to meet student demand and better communicate the skills of our majors to employers.

We actively seek to involve students in research or internships early in their careers to give them hands-on experience with the scientific rigor and logic of psychological science, and in the application of that science in the workplace. Students majoring in psychology may earn either the Bachelor of Arts B.

The psychology course requirements for the two degrees are identical; the two degree plans differ with respect to the requirements in other disciplines. For example, the B. Both degrees provide students with the necessary curriculum requirements to pursue graduate study in psychology, as well as in other professional fields, such as law and medicine. Psychology majors can also choose from one of four optional certificate programs.


A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is an expert in mental health. They have undertaken highly specialised training in the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. Clinical psychologists are the only psychologists to have this advanced level of education and training in mental health.

Psychology, BSc (Hons), course from the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. Our British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited Psychology degree explores the secrets of Keeping up to date Your course fees cover the cost of studies, and include loads of great benefits, such as the use of our.

Find out everything you need to know, all in one place. The honours program builds on an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council APAC -accredited undergraduate psychology degree and provides an opportunity for advanced study and research. Course requirements There are requirements that you will need to meet as a student in this course. You will need to identify these requirements and ensure you allow sufficient time to meet them. Some of these requirements have associated costs.

Information is available from the Additional course requirements and costs website.

What is a BA in Psychology?

Career information is not specific to degree level. Some career options may require an advanced degree. For more information, visit EMSI’s data sources page.

I am a teacher who has always been self confident. I am now dating a psychologist who I really hit it off with. He and I can talk for hours and I enjoy him.

For the Fall semester, Psychology Advising will be remote through Teams or phone appointments. Current Psychology students please refer to the Psychology Canvas page for updated Drop-in hours, appointment scheduling, and advising information. Psychology undergraduate students are encourages to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor each semester. It is highly recommended that all psychology majors meet with an academic advisor to update check sheets and to make sure graduation requirements are being met.

No, Psychology does not offer a minor. However, the Psychology department offers a variety of courses available to non-majors, which may be used as elective credits. If you are currently a Psychology student and would like to learn more about changing your major or adding Psychology as a double major, please attend one of our Psychology Major Information sessions using the button above titled Signup for a Psychology Major Information Session. If you are already a Psychology major and want to add a second major in another department, contact that department to inquire about their process for adding a second major.

These requirements vary by concentration. Advising Staff.

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

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Department faculty members are actively engaged in leading psychological research. Earn your two-year associates degree from a partner institution, complete.

Graduates with a three-year undergraduate degree or a degree followed by a Graduate Diploma in Psychology with an APAC accredited psychology major may be eligible for the:. GAM applications will be taken into consideration during the selection process. Please note this assessment can take up to six weeks. This must be uploaded to your online application as soon as possible and no later than Friday 27 November You do not need to provide evidence as part of your application but if you are a successful applicant, your course offer will be conditional on provision of a final official transcript and letter from your university confirming you have completed your degree and that you have completed an APAC accredited psychology major.

Apply by Friday 23 October and once your final results are available, upload your official results transcript to your online application by Friday 27 November to be considered in December or Friday 8 January to be considered in January. Applicants who are completing their studies at the University of Melbourne are not required to submit their final results as these will be obtained internally.

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